Real Estate Strategy

Where to go and what to do? Understanding how to navigate the future of your business real estate is a complex matter. Every business is unique and Nimble recognizes that. Nimble will help guide the process by selecting best-in class brokers and workplace strategists to define goals for your business in the short and long-term.

Due Diligence

Based on the learnings and insights from the real estate strategy, we develop the comprehensive scope of work, schedule and budget for stakeholder review and approval. Defining the scope of a project is often a disjointed process due to outdated and imprecise information. Our approach in due diligence mitigates this common setback, providing a solid foundation of information to define all aspects of the project plan.

Design Management

Commercial real estate projects can require a multitude of architecture, design and engineering professionals. Design and engineering scopes spiral out of control if expectations are not managed throughout. Nimble knows how to ask the right questions, and facilitate getting the right answers, to make sure the design process is efficient and results in a quality product.

Development Management

Our projects can turn into much more, depending on the real estate strategy and due diligence results. Is a ground-up development the right solution? Nimble will help you make that decision and, if so, guide you through self-development or a developer selection process to make sure you are set for success before the first shovel hits the ground.

Construction Management

Our construction management work entails on-site representation and day-to-day project management on behalf of the client. Acting as an ambassador for our client, our work allows the client to maintain a focus on their day-to-day work while staying informed on the project’s status and progress. Our final walkthrough ensures the full scope has been met and the the highest level of craft and quality has been achieved.

Vendor Management

A project has many players and Nimble helps make sure they are sitting in the right chairs. Our vendor management experts oversee the selection and management of vendors for services throughout the project life cycle. Our team applies a dedicated attention to detail, ensuring a streamlined experience from initial engagement until final product delivery.